Organic Cotton Super Tampon

Organic Cotton Super Tampon

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100% Organic Cotton

Quantity: 16/Box

Blume's tampons are made of ingredients you can actually pronounce, like 100% organic cotton. No mystery ingredients. A soft outer layer + an absorbent and leak proof inner layer = the best tampons ever. 

Available in both super and regular with a compact, bio-plastic applicator so you can use the products right for you 

Blume donates a portion of proceeds from each Blume product sale to Days For Girls International. 

The Avalon Day Spa will match this, proudly supporting Days For Girls International. 

Sometimes it's easy to forget that there are women and girls out in the world who do not have the supplies they need each month for their period. This creates challenges, keeping them from school, work and from other obligations. In the developing world, periods have a stigma- no one wants to talk about it. In some cultures, the problem perpetuates even further by women being forced to act a certain way or do certain things during their periods each month. Did you know: 

  • In Rural Venezuela, women who are menstruating are forced to sleep in special huts
  • In the Islamic tradition women during their menstruation are not allowed to touch the Koran, can not observe fasting traditions and are not even allowed to pray
  • In remote areas of Nepal, until 2017 the practice of banning a woman during her menstruation to a special clay hut or separated portion of their house because it was believed that period blood was toxic. CNN did an article, reporting that several women died each year while staying in those huts. Although the practice was banned in 2017, women are still being forced into these huts and are still dying. 
  • In many southeast Asian communities women who are menstruating are not allowed to use the same water facilities as everyone else. 

To address this, Days For Girls International collects and makes sanitary feminine hygiene products for those in need. In doing this, they are able to help girls make it to school and other important events without worrying about their period. This non-profit organization goes beyond just distribution of products, they also provide menstrual health & hygiene education. 

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